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Dispensary Services

Welcome to the NIIM Dispensary

We’re a natural medicine dispensary staffed by qualified Naturopaths here to provide information and advice on the large range of products to support you with your health and wellness goals.

Our range includes practitioner only brands such as Orthoplex, Mediherb, Metagenics, Designs for Health, Biomedica and Eagle plus a small retail range including boutique snacks. We have one of the largest Liquid Herb Dispensary’s in Australia and can provide tinctures and creams prepared and customized to your individual health needs.

Pop in and have a chat to our friendly naturopaths. Our naturopaths are onsite daily to support you with your health and wellness needs. We offer a 15 minute over the counter consultation for acute queries such as a cold or supplement advice free of charge.

For more in-depth queries or a full health assessment you can book an initial consultation with our Naturopaths from the NIIM Clinic.

Book your naturopathic consultation today by calling the NIIM Clinic on 03 9912 9510 or click HERE to book online.